Xingyuan ⼒ to present ⼈ class ⼀ a more comfortable and more healthy future. Our highest principle is ⽤ to environment friendly material, manufacturing high quality textiles.
Enterprise story

Protect the earth beginner's mind
Xing from was founded in 2008, with the main shaft to develop functional textiles in the past, until recent years, realize rapid climate change on the impact of human survival environment, grasps the earth is only one, must be the idea of working together to preserve the product spindle to carry out environmental protection textiles, more committed to innovative research and development, to become the international clothing brand of green textiles permanent supplier.
Constant green ideal
Best xingyuan has been to become a worldwide environmental protection textile companies as the goal, on the premise of sustainable development, create a better, more environmentally friendly products. Operation from the beginning a "better life" as the who have decided to, to overcome the difficult, not afraid of difficult determination and perseverance, the xing source in the future will continue to develop in accordance with the good products of environmental protection, reducing pollution and energy consumption, more for renewable resources as a heart, let the earth can sustainable survival, enlarge innovation energy at the same time, leading the world green fashion trend!
Xingyuan vision

Best xingyuan committed to give human a more comfortable and more healthy future. Our highest principle is the use of environmentally friendly materials quality of textiles. Xingyuan vision, is to become a comprehensive environmental protection high order the leading manufacturers of textiles and world famous brand preferred supplier. At the same time in pursuit of common good, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, to achieve the company continued growth the goal of sustainable development.
Brand value

Best xingyuan fabric brand committed to operating bearing itself By the strict quality control Do existing resources reuse under limited resources, ecological environment in order to achieve sustainable vision Best xingyuan sincerely invite customers with our response, for the earth, the beauty of human life, conveyed by brand

Cooperation customer

Best xingyuan and dress the top elite in the field of brand cooperation, to bring you tirelessly truly remarkable experience. With the cooperation of these brands to make our products more special, also allows you to experience a more unique.